Saturday, January 23, 2010

The New House

We should be closing on our new house Friday, the 29th. I pray this works out. Our realtor is telling us that the bank may need us to wait until the end of Feb. to close, but hopefully this won't be necessary.

Greg and I wanted to make a list of things we are looking forward to with getting a house. It's amazing how much you can take the little things in life for granted, when you don't have them anymore.

What we won't take for granted in our new home......

1- The private bathtub. I haven't taken a real "bath" in a year. Showers don't cut it in a woman's world. It's a germ issue thing...I don't like bathing in hotel, dorm or apt. bathtubs.

2- My own yard where Kirsten can play outside

3- A garage, and a designated parking more defrosting our cars in the morning after a hike across the parking lot trying to find our car.

4- No more loud, active and vocal upstairs neighbors....enough said.

5- A real refrigerator with an icemaker that works and it's own water dispenser.

6- A microwave with a spinning plate

7 - Cabinets with knobs on them

8 - A pantry

9- A laundry room without mold in the walls

10 - My washer and dryer on the correct sides of each other so the doors don't open in the way you have to lean over them

11- More than an 800 square feet of living space

12 - A bathroom with double vanities and a door to the toilet

13 - clean and sanitized floors

14 - walk in closets and storage space

15 - ceiling fans

16 - room for guests

17 - mailbox in my yard and packages delivered to my door, not at the office

18 - not having to drop off a rent check in person to anyone

19 - painting walls

20 - not having to iron clothes in the kitchen

I am aware that some people in our country and in others consider the way we've lived the last year as a luxury. I am truly grateful to have a place to live, and a roof over my head, but it is time for a new home. It's time to plant ourselves in GA. Praise God for blessing us with this move.